99 Gavin St, Mount Wellington, Auckland
+64 800 800 213 / support@belton.co.nz

Welcome to Brisk Arrow Cookery

Be inspired through food


Our philosophy is that every customer should go home happy. That’s why we serve the best quality food at reasonable prices, with a variety of menu options to accommodate all tastes and budgets. We strive for consistency. When you order from us, you can be assured that only the best ingredients have gone into your meal, and our creative presentation makes our dishes look great.

The People

Brisk Arrow Cookery employs a diverse staff, and our team includes an award-winning chef. Our friendly team is here to make sure you have the best dining experience possible. We enjoy having great interaction with our customers, providing excellent customer service; helping those who may not know about us or why we’re so popular!

The service I received here was phenomenal. But more importantly, the food was divine. We will definitely be back again very soon!

A pleased diner


The story of Brisk Arrow Cookery started long before the restaurant actually opened. It started in the founders’ childhood, where they learned to cook meals using home-grown ingredients. Since the restaurant opened in 1986, it has created a tradition of providing diners with quality food and excellent experiences throughout the year. 


Each item on our menu includes only the best ingredients and recipes. Our menu includes a variety of different dishes that will appeal to all tastes and age groups. We strive for excellence in every detail when it comes up with new ideas, fresh concepts are created everyday using high quality techniques. You’ll love dining here!