99 Gavin St, Mount Wellington, Auckland
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A timeline of events



Brisk Arrow Cookery opens its doors

Though Brisk Arrow Cookery opened in the 80s, the journey started much earlier. Our skills and intuition for cooking began as students preparing meals with vegetables grown on our farm and a little guidance from our doting parents and grandparents. This intrinsic understanding of ingredients and meals made it logical to start our own eatery in 1986, and we have experienced great success since then. 


The Ballroom

Brisk Arrow Cookery was further enhanced by the addition of a ballroom at the turn of the millennium, allowing us host a variety of events such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. The kitchen is set up on two levels – one above the main restaurant’s entrance with some seating for 300 guests; to your right are several tables serving breakfast sandwiches made from locally sourced organic ingredients served in glass vases or wooden cups surrounded along sides by bison wool blankets lining the entire space.


The multi-awarded top chef Leroy Patterson joins our team

The addition of top chef Leroy Patterson has only served to enhance the experience you will receive at our restaurant. While many other chefs make some significant gains in one area, Chef Patterson is able do so while improving on all aspects, from menu items, to value for money.