99 Gavin St, Mount Wellington, Auckland
+64 800 800 213 / support@belton.co.nz

Our Team

Cecilia Lawrence


I took over the ownership of Brisk Arrow Cookery in 2009 when the previous owners sought to retire to a quieter life. Since then, I have made numerous changes to modernise and revitalise the restaurant, which have paid dividends for both customers and staff. I hope you will enjoy dining here as much as I enjoy working here. Please feel free to say hello if you see me!

Leroy Patterson

Head Chef

I was excited to join the team of Brisk Arrow Cookery in 2015, having heard many great things about the restaurant. All of these turned out to be true, which is why I am still here! It’s my honor and privilege as the head chef of this beautiful location to bring you delicious food, and I hope to be doing so for many years to come.

Dean Conrick

PR & Customer Relations

I have to say, my role has been fairly easy due to the favourable perception of the restaurant by both customers and staff. My role tends to involve discoursing with customers in order to gain feedback, which is usually quite positive. I also am involved in running promotions and I work in closely with all people involved, which includes the administration, the customers and the kitchen and waitstaff.