99 Gavin St, Mount Wellington, Auckland
+64 800 800 213 / support@belton.co.nz

More than a restaurant

The food we’ve served is truly inspired by Mother Nature’s creations! For us, it really just means finding creative ways to use nature all around you—from creating delicious organic meals to at community events or hosting special occasions.  We make some of the best home-style recipes using local herbs and vegetables from a variety greenhouses in our region!

What is good food?

What is good food? Good meals don’t just taste good. They should be made by a wide variety of ingredients which are sourced locally where possible and cooked correctly for optimal results. This is where we come in. Our skilled chefs have over 30 years’ experience preparing quality, affordable home prepared foods so you can get full satisfaction from your meal at our restaurant

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Our service promise

Delicious cuisine means nothing without the service to back it up. That’s why our waitstaff are highly trained to make sure you receive the best experience possible. We work hard at building a passionate and friendly customer base that loves taking their time with us as we eat, get talking or relax while waiting for them. If you are not happy with the level of service you have received from our staff, we are more than happy to enter into a conversation with you.

Feeling right at home

In addition to outstanding meals and excellent service, we strive to create an ambiance that is both unique and inviting. We have accomplished this by enlisting the help of award-winning interior designers throughout our facility. Our atmosphere ranges from bright and perky for breakfast diners to lush and warm for evening diners.